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Elevator Conversation

There's a women with a slightly over-shiny dress, scratching her shapely nose
There's a man with overalls over his pants, slippers that show his toes
Here is life in its most obscurity, trying to look you in the face
Give it a chance you might like it for a while, ‘cause you can really find a place

Was it the fate that drew them together
Was it the place that they stood in forever
Was it the task that they took to endeavour
Or was it the fact they rode in an elevator

There's a man who seems a little slightly bent, cannot live here anymore
Here is death in its least profundity, directed to your eye
Try to ignore you will fail don't you agree, cause someday you'll touch the sky

Was it the path that they took to live
Was it the life that they chose to give
I can't believe they survive endurance
To exercise body maintenance

Well you know, people over there still believe that humans still do share
Well you know, I'm a listener in my field
Pertain to logic or the nature of human greed

Mike Abou Samah


GUMBO can be reached at

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