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Honey Guide

Is there peaceful bliss in my eyes
Is there more than there should be?
And all the LOVE is powerful
Yes, it's everything today
Wondering how and wondering why
Seems like forever when they start to glide
Just like LOVE, it's always a mystery
When it comes to solving it, it sets you free

LOVE, those stories untold
LOVE, grasp it with both hands
Right now, right now
LOVE, it's quick and fleeting
LOVE, it's slow and gentle
To hold, I'm told

It's the people I have fun with, It's the laughter as well
I only want to hold you, I only want to be held
Sails, the golden ships sail, the shining ship of LOVE flies
And I'm inside it weeping, you're licking the tears from my eyes

You don't understand it
It's held in your hand, you can't notice it
All the birds have flown
Through the shifting sands they fly away

LOVE, a silken ribbon
LOVE, a dainty bow
It's red, it's blue
LOVE, the vice fits tightly
LOVE, the hammer gives the final
Blow, I'm told

The summer solstice has started, the warmth melts my heart
Shinning brightly on my face, somehow we've become one
LOVE, it is soaring and seeking, LOVE that we can't understand
It's strange what is going on, I thought we understood it

What a life...

What a life...
What a life...

Shawn Campbell


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