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The Ride

Walking in the park, enjoying the sights and sounds
Feeling rather dreamy, I love my big town
And did you ever wonder
Why the sky's that hue?
And I wonder why I wonder?
Do you wonder too?
Walking in the park now, I watch the people near me
I get a little scared when he blows by me
And then I start to wonder
If he's really safe
And I wonder what his speed is...

Three maidens in a row
Bright colours catch the eye
A fancy car goes by
Sweat drips down my throat

Miles of concrete below
I sigh and drift to another world
Bells toll in the distance
Beneath the layer of rubber sounds

I wonder should I take the chance
The spinning wheel goes round and round
I look ahead and feel the sand
'Till fate grips me by the hand
A twist, a turn, and another view
The mountain looms on the horizon
Blurry faces lost in the sea
A flash of sun hits my eye

Shawn Campbell


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